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      About US

      Founded in 2004, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of rubber polymer products, providing high-perform


      Joining hands with the school, focusing on needs, and helping the company's business development---

      On May 15th, Liu Xingxing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of Sichuan Modern Vocational and Technical College, a group of 5 people from the Aca


      Charity opens a new chapter, Leshanhang will set sail again

      At 2:30 pm on April 8th, the Shuangliu District Charity Association of Chengdu held a three-term membership meeting at the Xulien Hotel, and Shengbang shares pa


      Strict prevention and control and safe resumption of work

      In early 2020 this new crown raging global epidemic of epic proportions, it not only affects the global economy, but also affect the lives of every one of us.Wi